Getting out there

Today I added my blog to java.blogs. I decided to get myself known, since sitting still won’t get me any further.

Getting out there is certainly a good idea but it’s not enough at all. I believe that knowing the right people is fundamental. Coming across the real java professionals and learning from their examples will get me one step further. During the few months of my Java Quest (as I usually call it :)), I have met some experienced people from whom I learned a lot. I truly believe that when I get the opportunity to be surrounded by such people professionally, I will learn by the minute.


May Books

This month purchases:

Agile Java Development Using Spring, Hibernate, Eclipse and Other Open Source Tools (

This book is yet to be released in the beginning of May. I am looking forward to reading it. The title says it all! 🙂 Actually I am quite curious because I don’t often see books covering several different technologies/platforms all together.

“This book covers the core technologies used to develop Java applications. It also touches upon other open source tools including Ant and JUnit, and it provides a complete guide from the technology and software development process perspective.”

Beginning J2EE 1.4: From Novice to Professional (

I was trying to find a J2EE book for beginners and after looking at reviews this one seems to be the most appropriate. It provides a start in J2EE, how to use the API in the J2EE platform and it contains hand-on tutorials and working code examples.

“This book is aimed at programmers who have learned the basics of Java (…) and are now ready to learn how to use Java in the real world, with J2EE.”


The Attitude

Since this is my first post I will start by introducing myself. I am a Software Developer, Java fan, and enthusiastic about new technologies. I started my path into the professional world last year, after finishing my Computer Science Engineering degree. I am working in the center of Amsterdam (I hope I make some of you jealous :P) as a C++ Developer but I am looking for a immediate change to Java. It’s true, I am looking for my opportunity in the Java world, and yes I want to be part of the community! I got myself a NL-JUG subscription today and this blog. Hopefully it’s a good start! I hope you agree with me: the attitude really matters. In Google I found a definition for newbie: “A novice player who has yet to learn much about the game”. I think it’s a good definition but I also think that the combination of attitude, motivation and eager to learn are somehow a powerful match to a perfect jump start!