Using WordPress to Build a Website


I started a new new side project together with my family. Casas de Férias no Algarve is a holiday rentals website which can be found at Here people can find unique and privately owned properties to rent in the south of Portugal.

I created this website using a WordPress installation with a custom theme and several plugins and hosted it at TSOHost.

I have learned a lot by using WordPress to build this website, not only is it quick but it also has many useful plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin  and Yoast Google Analytics for WordPress. I have also used WPML to create a multi-lingual website. It is not perfect but certainly a quick way to get your website running in different languages in no time. I’ve used a highly customisable WordPress template which is simple but looks great.

I had so much fun building this site, which reminded me how much I love coding! I encountered several challenges while building the site and I actually fixed a bug in WPML redirection module (in PHP), which I as chuffed about, after not coding for more than 2 years.

The logo below was commissioned by a designer at It’s so easy to make a website these days and I love it!


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