@ Google London

A visit to the Google London offices for an AdSense event.


We are live

After 3 month of hard work here we’ve launched www.travelfusion.com with an entire new look.

Built with GWT 2.0 a clean and slick interface and easy to use. Got to love it! ūüėÄ

It’s been so long, again!

It’s quiet¬†crazy¬†how time goes so fast! I haven’t had any time to make posts here, but I hope to write some more in the near future, and if not here at least on Travelfusion’s blog (I’ll post the link here when we go live). I’ve been working for Travelfusion since July and it’s been a great experience! If you want to find cheap flights you should check our website. I am currently the lead developer for the site and we have a planned a major¬†redesign, so there are so many cool things to implement using GWT. Drop by anytime and give us some feedback.

I am loving London, so much to do, never bored Рwell almost never Рand visiting friends and family once a month just makes up for the occasionally lonely days.

Here are some pictures of a team building event. I can’t say for sure that shooting each other is team building but it was a lot of fun.