Handsome bunch


I had to post this one. Guys, sorry if you don’t like to be online, but you’re all very good looking, so it shouldn’t be a problem. 🙂

@Farewell dinner November 2008, Amsterdam


TomTom Local Search with Google

TomTom Gox40 LIVE series was announced a couple of weeks ago. One of the projects I have been working on for this product was TomTom Local Search. For this project I worked closely with Google to use their Local Search API and with the TomTom Navigator team for client/server integration. This is very cool technology and it was a lot of fun building it.

‘Users can tap into the latest local Google listings from the TomTom GO LIVE to locate anything from Indian restaurants to flower shops wherever they are. They can just type in any search word, find matching locations and the device will take them there.’

Search for a business near you or somewhere else…

Get a list of results ordered by relevance and see the rating and business details for each of them.

Browse in the map for the results and call the business to make a reservation or appointment for example and navigate there. 🙂

Simple, useful and cool!!!

For more info on the Gox40 series and the other LIVE services for here.

The other side of things

Here on the development department we are rarely aware of what’s happening on the marketing side and when we less expect they come up with nice campaigns for the projects we are working on. 🙂 This is the case of our project MapShare which is now getting even more attention because of the new “Change Spotting” campaign. To read more about it and see the video drop by the website.