I am Ana and I  have a degree from the New University of Lisbon and I was an exchange student at the Delft University of Technology back in 2004. Seems like ages ago, but I still remember the long nights of maths and physics exams preparation, but also the amazing friends I made and still keep to this date.

I have worked for TomTom in Amsterdam as a Software Developer and also Team Leader for the Content Publishing Team. There I worked in the integration of Google Local Search and TomTom Navigation (more about it here). I also worked as a Scrum Master for several projects (TomTom MapShare, Safety Cameras, Add To TomTom). This was the time where I made most progress in my career in a very short time!

I then came to London back in 2009 to work at Travelfusion as the Technical Lead for the Web Team. This is was small team of developers that gave me great responsibility and I proved to myself I could develop and maintain a production website!

After that I worked as a Project Manager and Scrum Master at Playfish EA, where I spend a lot of time with a bunch of amazing and creative people, and played a  lot of social games!

I still live in London and now I am the Software Delivery Manager at JustGiving – the world’s leading platform for charity giving. I love working here, with a team of 30 plus developers, architects and QA engineers, where we are all directly and indirectly making a good impact in the world!

I was and still am passioned about figuring out the best way to make things work and I have a passion for all things online. On my free time I worked on several personal projects such as EarthPOI – a totally AJAX driven application, Find Love on Twitterverse – a Google App Engine application, and Jamie Oliver Google Gadget – for the iGoogle page (although I think Google discontinued this).

These days I spend more time going to the gym, hanging out with friends and working on my new personal project Casas de Férias no Algarve (holiday rentals). This is a family run business and who knows maybe one day it will allow me to get back to my origins in the beautiful Algarve! It still gives me the chance to be creative and dig into a bit of code which I love.

I have also developed a passion for health and nutrition and have enrolled in a 3 year diploma course in Naturopathic Nutrition. Who knows what the future will bring?

You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

One thought on “About

  1. Congratulations on EarthPOI ! Nice job !

    And thanks for the positive review on the Spring Introduction I gave for VIK.

    If you have some java questions feel free to contact me.


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