Hello! I am Ana and here’s my potted history…

I have a degree from the New University of Lisbon and I was  an exchange student at the Delft University of Technology in 2004. Seems like ages ago, but I still remember the long nights of maths and physics exams preparation, but also the amazing friends I made and still keep to this date.

I have worked for TomTom in Amsterdam as a Software Developer and also Team Leader for the Content Publishing Team. One of my favourite projects was the integration of Google Local Search and TomTom Navigation. I also worked as a Scrum Master for several projects (TomTom MapShare, Safety Cameras, Add To TomTom).

I came to London in 2009 to work at Travelfusion as the Technical Lead for the Web Team. Following that, I worked as a Project Manager and Scrum Master at Playfish EA, where I spend a lot of time with a bunch of amazing and creative people, playing a lot of Sims Social!

I still live in London and now I am the Head of Software Delivery at JustGiving – the world’s leading platform for charity giving. I love working here, with a team of 50 plus developers, architects and test engineers, touching people’s lives one way or the other.

Back on the day I used my free time to work on several personal projects such as EarthPOI, an AJAX driven application, Find Love on Twitterverse, a Google App Engine application, and Jamie Oliver Google Gadget for iGoogle, which has not been discontinued.

These days I like to help with the family business and have an interest for collective thinking, collaboration and community driven co-working spaces.

I no longer update this blog but I post on twitter feed often, and my LinkedIn profile is usually up to date.

Here are some of my projects:





One thought on “About

  1. Congratulations on EarthPOI ! Nice job !

    And thanks for the positive review on the Spring Introduction I gave for VIK.

    If you have some java questions feel free to contact me.


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