River Tejo, the sunset and new challenges

It’s been a while. I have moved back to Portugal after 4.5 years in Holland. It was a journey, a good one. Now I start a new one with very different weather conditions. 🙂 I travel by ferry daily and in the evening the sunset plus the warm breeze alongside the river Tejo feels just great.

I am working as an IT Consultant now and it’s very different but also interesting. On my free time I work on my next big thing. My project should go live somewhere this year (I hope), and if it does I will post about it.

For now I won’t be writing much about programming or Java because I don’t really have time and my work is more directed at business analysis these days. I miss working with the latest technologies, but what I am doing now is also interesting and I still get to taste a bit of coding at home.