When I started this blog back in 2006 I was a graduate starting my first job and I was super excited about learning Java and all sorts of related technologies. I have since then been in numerous roles as Developer, Team Lead, Scrum Master, Software Delivery Manager and even Product Manager.

I wrote many lines of code, created several projects on my free time, attended many conferences and courses, worked in companies in Holland, Portugal and England and had the pleasure of working with so many people of different origins from whom I learned so much. It’s been an amazing experience and having this blog allowed  to keep those memories!

I still have visits to the blog on a daily basis, perhaps from developers searching for answers about Java coding so thanks for everyone that visited, commented and found it useful over the years.

Thanks for my grandpa for giving me a Spectrum 128k and for my dad for showing me his brand new Windows 3.1 PC. This played a huge role on shaping my future and on my passion for engineering and problem solving.

It is unlikely that I will be writing any more posts about coding and engineering since my life has evolved and I found other interests over the years. I love learning new things which are not always technology related, although my heart will always belong there.


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