Scrum Cartoons

A collection of what not to do in Scrum.

10/09/14 – The linked blog has since been removed.

5 thoughts on “Scrum Cartoons

  1. Hi Stefan!

    No no, I am not, I just though there were some funny cartoons on that website. It’s about what not to do in Scrum. 🙂

    I took the certification training and I really enjoyed! We’re using Scrum at TomTom for some time, and it has been a very good till now.

  2. Just as an FYI. I implement scrum on the project I am currently working on. I happen to love it. The Scrum-toons however, were a project driven thing.

    On the previous project I was on, The Scrum Master, aka Scrum Lord, aka Uber-Scrumby was somewhat of a strange bird. Knowledgeable about scrum he definitely was… but strange.

    Scrum toons was our my way of documenting the goings-on of the project.

    No one embraces Scrum more than I do.

    Dr. D Funct Scrum

  3. I’m anti-scrum!!! I hate it. I’ve had experience with all sorts of methodologies. Scrum is a skeleton. It is nothing. Getting certified is a joke. Guess what, this will be the end of IT Software Development as we know it. So long IT, hello Business hiring their own programmers to get things done.

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