Dynamic Menus with SiteMesh

Today I created a dynamic menu which highlights the menu tab that corresponds to the page that is being shown. I am using SiteMesh and the main menu of my web pages is created in the main decorator so that it appears in every page. The problem was in knowing which page was being decorated. After searching in Google I found two entries at Tongue and Groove and Raible Designs that helped me figure out the solution.

In the JSP page add a the following code:

  <meta name="menu" content="home" />

Then, in the decorator, you can get that property by doing:

<c:set var="selectedMenu" scope="request">

  <decorator:getProperty property='meta.menu' />


Now the only thing left is to create the actual menu like this:

<c:url var="homepath" value="/" />
<div id="menu">


    <li><a class="${selectedMenu == 'home' ? 'selected' : ''}"


    <li><%--more menu tabs here--%></li>



And don’t forget to style the class selected in the css file (for example):

#menu a.selected {

  color: #428ce7;


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