EarthPOI debuts in Ajaxian

EarthPOI has a dedicated article on Ajaxian! Hooray!

One of the comments to the article is about IE support, or “unsupport”, in this case. As I said previously we are working on this issue, and in the mean time if you want to browse happy install Firefox!

I want to say thanks to all my friends and all the other people out there supporting us!

4 thoughts on “EarthPOI debuts in Ajaxian

  1. Thanks stefan. And we will make sure to keep adding functionality that is needed so desperately, like IE compatibility (we wanted a version out there and totally digg standards compliant browser), comments (there’s some really cool stuff in the site already, but no way to express that!), dynamic client-side caching (the speed of the site here in Europe is slightly disappointing and I hope to improve the experience a bit with smart caching), and much much more…

    Anyway, just have fun! πŸ™‚

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