JFall was “OK”

The sessions I attended this time:

Sun Technical Demo Keynote: Unleash the power of Java
Reginald Hutcherson, Angela M. Caicedo & Simon Ritter

Very nice session, with a couple of cool demos about the “Sun Spot”, controlling robots remotely using web services, and a new cool idea on how to search music, not based on mp3 tags, but on the content of the music itself. Same applies to photos and videos, all still a technology in research by Sun.

Is That the Enterprise in You Pocket?
Brian Leonard

I’ve heard before that with Netbeans you can easily and quickly build an application for a mobile phone, and after this session I really feel like getting a hang of it and trying it out asap. I’ve done some programming for embedded devices before, but with Java ME and Netbeans it seems much straightforward. Brian gave a small workshop on how to build an application that displays the results of calling to web services via HTTP. Easy and pretty nifty! This is the 2nd place of my favorite sessions!

Swing looking good: Synth L&F
Arjan Schaaf

The idea of Synth is pretty interesting. In short words with Synth it is possible to configure the look and feel of your Swing application using XML. It’s a pity that it does not have much support in terms of documentation and it doesn’t seem to exit a big community using it. But I’m sure that with the improvements that have been made by Swing Labs for Mustang this problem will start changing pretty soon and all kinds of cool swing applications will start popping up all over!

The Vocabulary of Enterprise Applications
Adrian Colyer

I knew this was going to be a great session, and it turned out to be my number 1 favorite of the day. Adrian is a great speaker with a lot of humor. I like AOP, and this session was an introduction to it and how you can use it. If you don’t know about AOP, please have a look! OOP and AOP together make your applications more powerful!

Java Knobs: How to change performance with the Sun JVM
Simon Ritter

I was only in this session for 20 minutes. It was not Simon, but it was the huge amount of options that can be tuned to achieve all kinds of stuff that actually depend on the profile of your application…

Desktop Patterns and Data Binding
Karsten Binding

Well this just made me more confused about MVC and MVP so I gotta go read some more, also on JGoodies.

In the end, it was quite a good conference. And the big news are that we had a very nice booth this time.

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