Which Java book?

I’m looking for a Java book, about good coding principles with examples. Amazon gives me this list and the most rated are “Java Cookbook” and “Effective Java”. Which one should I choose?

11 thoughts on “Which Java book?

  1. i suggest effective java. it is a must read for all java developers. however, after Java 5, some issues noted in the book are no longer necessary (like enums etc). i think Bloch will make an update soon, you may wait for that. For basic java, HeadFirst series are pretty good, for good OO practices, especially the Head First Design patterns is very good

  2. I have only read Effective Java, and I really liked that book. It is one of the best software books ive read, and many tips from it are great. Dont know about the other one, but if you buy the other one then you must buy effective java. 🙂

  3. I haven’t read the Java Cookbook but I can thoroughly recommend “Effective Java”. If you’re looking for a more introductory book I can also recommend “Thinking in Java”. There are some other good ones on the list too but obviously what will be of most benefit depends on how much you know already and the scope of what you’re intending to learn.

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