Can you forget what I just said?

Sometimes I have a déjà-vu of those times when I had to answer a last question on an exam and I only had five minutes to do it. I had to spit up an answer and I just couldn’t get it out, thus, I would write the first thing that would come to mind.

It only gets worse when I had to answer a question face to the professor! Well it depends on the question of course, but sometimes even when I happen to knew the answer I would find a way to mix it all up. And then, I would come up with the most brainless though.

Now that I am through with those times, I still find a way to resemble them occasionally. So how would you deal with it? Make a post on your blog about it? Maybe yes, if it makes you remember that you can’t know everything and that you can do better next time. If it makes you remember of how you overcome that fall short, by going home and grabbing some books or Google in search of an answer. In the end, you only win, by learning more every time again. And if you felt disappointment with yourself, you will feel contentment after learning the answer.


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